I'm Interested

  I'm Interested  
You are interested about learning more your relationship with Jesus and the Grace Family.  Of course, you can review what the Bible teaches here.  These are the things that you will always hear at Grace.

But, the best way to grow in your relationship with God and be closer to him is to be HERE at Grace.  If you are wondering at all about what path to take to grow with Jesus, here's what you can do:

Step One: Weekly Worship

On average per year, a person sleeps over 3000 hours and watches TV for 1000 hours.  If you make every worship opportunity possible at Grace, it would be about 75 hours! That's not much time for what you need most of all from Jesus.

In our worship, we learn that God is not like us is most ways.  But, in our worship, God comes to us that we might be with the one who is eternal and transcends us.  In worship, God opens himelf to us and speaks to us and our hearts his love for us in Jesus so that we are saved for eternal life and are able to live our lives serving God and the people around us.

While it's not like being with us first hand, you can become more familiar with worship at Grace here.

Step Two: Core Bible Study

This Bible study takes you into a deeper understanding of God's plan for your salvation and for your life.    The first lesson focus on Holy Baptism and how God brings you into his family.  The next several lessons follows all the basic teaching of the Bible in which you will learn how God made everything, how God saves you, and what your life will be like serving God.  It takes about 12 sessions which Pastor Hacker usually will conduct in your home to make it easier for your schedule.

Step Three: Grow

There are many opportunties for you and your family to "Grow at Grace."  Besides weekly worship, various Bible class are offered throughout the year on Sundays and during the week.  Sunday School for children 3K-8th grade is offered from September through May.  Vacation Bible School is held the last week of June.

You and your family will also have the opporutnity to volunteer at Grace in serving your church family and our community in the many events that Grace sponsors.
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